Time to return the pussy licking favour. The girl who was eaten out on a dare gets her turn to muff dive and then it’s back to trying to suck that cum out of the guys’ balls. This is the kind of crazy shit that goes on on college campuses all the time. Now you can relive your youth or travel back and watch what you missed!


While I had recently heard of one jock who did porn and was kicked out of college for it (Paul Donahoe – who as a wrestler naturally did GAY porn), I also recently read about some footballer named Chase Mejia who did some straight porn, and didn’t regret it one bit. Who can blame him? Looks like he traded his football career for an adult film career instead. He’s banging lots of college pussy in the dorms in Daredrom!

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Some gals like to taste their own pussy juices when they masturbate – but the taste of another girl’s pussy might be crossing the line into lesbian sex, right? While many chicks may have lesbian fantasies it takes more to actually act them out. Depends on what situation, though. During a game of sexual truth or dare, everybody’s ass is up for grabs and even the most conservative and innocent looking girl might muff dive, and actually love it! Hell, as a pussy lover, what’s not to love? Sometimes, though, the tables can be turned and guys may be dared to suck cock! An offer some guys can’t refuse. As far as the girls go, after eating out each others pussies they compete in cock sucking, trying to be the winner who gets rewarded with a shot of hot cum down her throat!

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College is the time for sexperimentation, as I had already mentioned. And with the close proximity of raging hormones of sexually excited teens all sharing close quarters, it’s inevitable that threesomes and foursomes, even orgies may occur. What’s better than a threesome with 2 girls (FFM) in your dorm room, and having someone videotape it (roommate) for masturbation pleasures forever – for those involved and for purrverts like me and you!

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Combining the best of naughty sex party games with selling your homemade porn videos, comes Dare Dorm: user submitted college fuck and suck parties actually filmed in the dorm room. Since the risk involved in shooting in the dorm is a bit higher, so is the pay. Is one site better than the other? Wrong question – they’re all different and all great, all fulfilling the things that I love most in porn – spontaneity, reality, sex games and being a voyeur/fly on the wall to some heavy sex parties! There’s straight blowjobs and fucking but also lesbian pussy licking, fucking side by side (same room sex – which is always hot in the dorm), and flat 0ut orgy action. Check it out!

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Here’s how it works. Any cute couple who wants to earn some extra cash and who are exhibitionists should record their sex life for an hour a day for one week and… profit! You get paid $2000 for having sexy uninhibited fun on camera! Can you beat that? Of course while the majority of the homemade porn pool is drawn from local colleges – or at least college towns – this feat may be a bit difficult to accomplish in the dorm room. Right? Well, maybe… More on this in the next installment, in the meantime enjoy this juicy amateur blowjob and facial!

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Sorry, I have yet to explain the whole homemade sex tapes for cash phenomenon but I started wanking over these two and had to post about it. Look, the good aspect with this homemade sex couples video is that (a) blondie is fucking hot and speaking as a bi-curious guy, I do like her boyfriend’s cock and his body and especially the way he throat fucks her in a 69 like that. But when you hear the two of them speak they sound like total fucking meatheads! Less talking more fucking, but you have an amazing amount of footage to skip back forth from to see just this couple among the other user submitted porn tapes – and don’t be fooled, this is the real deal!

In the next post I will explain more about the user submitted homemade sex tape phenomenon. In the meantime enjoy this homemade blowjob and facial from horny exhibitionist couple and a girl who doesn’t mind showing herself covered in cum on tits, neck, mouth and face: for everyone to see. And when I say everyone, I mean the WORLD WIDE web! Takes balls, eh? Do you think she will regret it in the future? She’s certainly no afraid to show everyone on the planet and beyond that she loves cum!

Well there are a few industry secrets that I can’t reveal fully about the whole porn in college phenomenon but I can give some hints and titillating details. Bear in mind that I have a discerning eye when it cums to pron so I know what I know is good and I never buy the fake shit. Sure all that Girls Gone Wild shit was okay at times but also kind of depressing because you just KNEW these chicks woke up with boozer shame. So much so that they ended up taking the weasel who started it to court. Then he almost got assraped but that’s another story. Do I feel sorry for those bitches? About as sorry as I feel for someone who falls for a Nigerian 419 scam. What the hell were you thinking, loser? Anyway…

The best original college sex game site I saw was of course Dare Ring, which while it may or may not have been actually filmed on campus (as I said, I can only reveal so much), did draw it’s talent pool from a certain local university. Blast, I can’t tell you where it was so just trust me, ok? But that was just the beginning, next post will tell you more about college dorm fucking! And homemade sex tapes!

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Getting your cock sucked at the frat house while watching your buddy get his cock sucked is just one of the pleasures of frat house/dorm life. Yes there should be another mouth on the other guy’s cock but someone does have to hold the camera, after all. Coming up soon – how these college kids actually make money from submitting their home sexcapades for fun and profit!

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